13 Dec 2022

Top Superstitions Regarding Gambling in Casinos Around the World

Top Superstitions Regarding Gambling in Casinos Around the World

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Many people will not accept it, even if they have frequently crossed their fingers or knocked on wood to ward off bad luck. Most people do not believe in superstitions, but some of these beliefs have been fostered by most cultures, particularly when it comes to gambling in traditional casinos. Naturally, these superstitions have spread to virtual casinos as well.

Gamblers are well-known for their luck rituals, which give them a sense of power, security, and luck. Bad beats are common in the game of chance, but bad streaks are extremely upsetting to players. Gamblers retrace their steps to find an answer, hoping to find something that will justify their losing streak. Most of the time, these are superstitious beliefs that easily become daily habits.

Here is a list of superstitions still believed and practiced in the casino gaming industry worldwide.

1. Red Clothes

Wearing red is probably the most common gambling superstition. This belief originated in Asia, where the Chinese regard it as a lucky color for gambling. In Chinese culture, the color red represents wealth, luck, and joy on the gambling table as well as in everyday life. As a result, red is the color of choice for certain festive occasions. At a Chinese wedding, for example, it is used for everything from the bride's gown to the money envelopes that are distributed.

Unsurprisingly, many gamblers have enthusiastically embraced these. So, how do superstitious gamblers behave? They frequently wear red clothing to increase their chances of winning.

2. Lucky Number 7 and Unlucky Number 13

To be honest, there are many numbers in the world that could be considered "superstition numbers" or bad and good luck numbers. We can all agree, however, that none are as well-known as numbers 7 and 13.

For various reasons, the number 13 is strongly associated with bad luck in Western cultures, whereas other cultures have their own unlucky picks. Many bettors are wary of this number, especially when playing roulette. On the other hand, some take chances and consider 13 a lucky number.

However, the number 7 is known to bring good fortune. It represents wealth and has a special meaning when it comes to virtual slots or certain variations of Blackjack.

3. Refrain from Counting Money

Another well-known casino superstition holds that you should never count your chips or money at the table. When playing their favorite casino games at the casino, most gamblers adhere to this rule.

In fact, this superstition lays the groundwork for rational behavior. Counting your money before, or even immediately after, the game is considered unlucky. It is disrespectful to your fellow gamblers who may be down on their luck and contributes to the larger perception that pride comes before a fall.

4. Gambling Lucky Charm

Many people believe that a person or an object will bring them luck. This applies to casino superstitions in a variety of ways. A rabbit's foot, four-leaf clover, and a horseshoe are the most popular objects that fulfill the casino superstition. Of course, many people now recognize that sacrificing rabbits for their feet is unethical, so this superstition is rapidly fading.

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5. Keeping Your Legs Crossed

This is a superstition related to your body. Crossing your legs when betting, whether in social casino games or at a traditional casino, is thought to cross out your good luck. This is because this gesture represents the rejection of all possible good opportunities.

6. Avoid using the front entrance

This is the craziest superstition among the others, but it has ardent followers. Many believe that entering a casino through the front door reduces their chances of winning. This superstitious belief can be traced back to the years when an MGM casino in Las Vegas had a massive entrance sculpted as a roaring lion's mouth. Many superstitious people avoided entering through this door because they believed they were walking into the mouth of a beast. They considered walking into the beast's mouth, as well as the fact that it was the main entrance to the gaming floor, to be a curse.

On the other hand, some believe entering through the front door is unlucky because they will come into contact with players who are leaving (likely due to a losing streak), and their bad luck will rub off on others.

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So forget all the superstitions, be a sport and have a great bet!


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