24 Oct 2023

Top 5 online satta game that you can play to generate real money

Top 5 online satta game that you can play to generate real money

Games are the one stop recreation we seek everytime we wish to fill the spaces in our lives. Whenever we are stressed with the pile of work at our workplace or bored with the same monotonous household chores at home, we play games. With the advancing technologies and emerging online space, online games are no longer a dream yet to be lived. Such online games have today reached a whole different level with the addition of the element of the infamous word of 'Satta'. People wish to have fun in their lives and many of them find this fun in exploring adventure and their luck. 

Online satta

Offline satta has been a prevalent form of traditional indian gambling. With the advancement of technology, there is also an emerging sphere of online satta king Fast . Online satta is not much different from the offline version except that the medium changes to online technology based platforms for gambling as well as money returns. 

Other online games to play 


Football enthusiasts may play fantasy football on Dream11 for as little as Rs. 100 thanks to this online sports game platform. More than 10,000 users have downloaded it since it was released by Fantasy Sports Info. Dream11 allows you to customise your squad by picking your own strikers, defenders, midfielders, and goalie. They are also given the option of selecting a captain and a vice-captain. They may help you improve your score depending on how carefully you choose them. The player may watch the live match and keep tabs on the performance of other players, and the competition comes in two different sizes of prize pool.

The players should be well-versed in the domestic competition. Inexperienced players may practise on a lesser scale before moving up to the top levels, allowing them to hone their skills at a more manageable cost.

Paytm Original Games 

GamePind's Paytm First Games has been downloaded over a million times so far. For those who like games, competitions, quizzes, and other forms of entertainment, here is the place to be. It has a simple user interface.

Among the many games included are Tic Tac Toe, Jumps, and Ludo. You may play casual games like Cut the Rope, Badland, and Tom & Jerry Mouse Maze there. There are 300 games available on it. It's worth noting that the Income tax regulations apply to any rewards with a value beyond Rs. 10,000. The greatest thing is that you can't really turn any of the game's virtual currency (coins, cash, gold, jewels, diamonds, points, etc.) into real money.


CoolBoots Media provides Qureka, which has over 10 million installations. Qureka is an online game platform where users may participate in free, daily live quiz shows and win cash rewards for their mental prowess. You may also play a new question every hour for a chance to win even more rewards. Six exciting games are available right now. Bubble Shooter, Box Tower, Candy Slash, Don't Crash, Fruit Slash, and Earth Hero are just a few of the many mind-bending games available. You may put your hand-eye coordination and wits to the test in a variety of ways by playing these games. Users may take the quiz every 30 minutes between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., every day of the week, for a chance to win up to Rs.60,000. The questions on these tests include a wide range of disciplines and fields of study, including but not limited to the following: history; science; current events; general knowledge; art; culture; cricket; technology; business; sports; food; politics; celebrities; television; mythology; music; film; literature; geography; the world; and social strata.

Loco Live: The Ultimate Trivia & Quiz Show

Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited produces the app Loco, which has had over 10,000,000+ installations thus far. Former Unacademy head of marketing established the company in November 2017. The greatest aspect is that several people may participate at once, and the Rs 12,500 prize pool will be split among all the winners.

On weekdays, the Loco quiz may be taken twice (at 1:30 PM and 10:00 PM) and once on weekends (at 10:00 PM). It features a charming emcee who quizzes players with 10 multiple-choice questions, gives them a second chance to answer correctly if they are knocked out, and awards them with cash that is deposited into their Paytm accounts.


Roughly 13 million individuals worldwide participate in the eSport My11Circle, a fantasy cricket game. Over 100,000+ people have downloaded it so far. In this game, the player chooses 11 people from a pool of 25 or 30 to construct a squad. As soon as the live action starts, your team's total point total is based on the efforts of its 11 players. At the end, your score will determine where you stand.

Tech Makhni created it, and all you need is Rs. 25 to get started. The prize money for each competition varies based on whether it is a national or international event. You may create and manage a squad consisting of your preferred bowlers, batters, all-rounders, and wicketkeeper, then enter a competition that fits your financial constraints.


In recent years, online gaming have evolved into more than simply a pastime. Critical thinking, reflexes, eye-hand coordination, riddles, and quizzes on current events, general knowledge, music, sports, and many other topics are common in today's online games.

If you're thinking about checking out some online games, how would you feel about learning that they may also be a source of income? You read it right, I promise. You can earn a lot of money if your luck and wits work together, and there are plenty of online games that anybody can play for very little money. The following is a list of ten online games that may be played for real money. Feel free to test them out!


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